Our workshops achieve immediate results. We demonstrate methods, provide options, and offer guidance in a supportive and positive manner. Our workshops are the product of over a decade of working with students just like yours. Profit from our experience!


Sophomore Organization Workshop


Freshman Organization Workshop

The jump from 8th grade to 9th grade requires study, organization and time management skills that were never taught - until now! After years of working with Freshmen and seeing the same errors, we decided to pull all the solutions into one workshop. We show your Freshman how to get organized, maintain an organized study area, take effective notes, and manage their academic and social calendar.


Sophomore year brings new demands and new class challenges (including lab courses) which have new requirements. We show your Sophomore the skills they need to be successful and prepare them for Junior year. We show your Sophomore how to prepare for lab classes, research and organize more sophisticated papers, and organize for standardized testing including the PLAN and PSAT exams.


Academic Insight Advantage



Life Skills for College

We ease the transition to college by outlining the life skills necessary to flourish. Prepare your student to manage the day-to-day challenges of college life with collegiate study skills, budgeting and financial management techniques, time management skills, and finding a balance between academic and social life.



ADD / ADHD Workshop

Our program teaches both parents and students proven methods to overcome the symptoms of restlessness, loss of concentration, and lack of focus that damage performance. We share a system of practical techniques designed to keep your student on track and performing in the classroom.



Focus / Test Anxiety Workshop

Tests are a fact of life. Test anxiety does not have to be. Our workshop presents successful methods for test and finals preparation in subjects students actually have. We cover how to study, what to study, and when to study. Don't let your student suffer from needless anxiety.


Calculator Skills Workshop

Math and science classes require students to use the TI-83 or TI-84 calculator. But when is the class on how to use the calculator? We take the time to present the functions used throughout high-school courses. Don't let your student get left behind. Give them the skills they need to succeed.


Essay Editing Workshop

Our workshop provides students with a clear understanding of the format and organization they need to write assignments successfully. Attend our workshop and see immediate improvement in all of their written work.




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